Luis G. Cuello Laboratory

Center for Membrane Protein Research


Who are we?
    We are a new group of people interested in deciphering how protein structure determine ion channel function. Since in any given cell the membrane potential is defined by changes in the permeability of the most biologically relevant ions (i.e. K+, Na+, Ca+2 and Cl-), then it is of outmost importance understanding the molecular events underlying the three basic functions catalyzed by any ion channel: selectivity, permeability and gating. We are a group of researchers highly committed to understand the structure-function relationship of ion channels from a fresh and innovative point of view with a systematic and multidisciplinary approach.

“The most powerful antigen in human biology is a new idea”...
Trapping of different kinetic intermediates along the activation pathway allow us to identify an allosteric switch between the activation and inactivation gate in KcsA. Residue F103 communicates the opening of the activation gate and the inactivation process at the selectivity filter.